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Sponsored by the Fine Arts and Crafts Entrepreneurs (FAACE), the Magnolia Fine Arts Festival is held in Peachtree City, Georgia. The city is a golf cart community with over a 90-mile network of golf cart paths winding through greenbelts and around lakes, creating a magnificent location for a fine art festival.

The Magnolia Arts Festival is Oct 19th-20th 2024, on Drake Field in Peachtree City GA

Magnolia Arts Festival Artist Application Form
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Terms and Conditions
  1. Be an artist of 18 years or older with original work. Original works must be handmade by the artist; mass produced art is ineligible. No buy/sell are permitted.

  2. All tents must be WHITE, and properly weighted to prevent any damage or flyaways in case of high winds

  3. Collaborative art: Artists must submit separate applications unless applying as a team. If accepted, the team may only exhibit the collaborative work they were accepted for as a team.

  4. Works made with commercial kits or prefabricated pieces will not be accepted.

  5. Jewelers must be the designers and hands-on makers of their work.  Purchased facet gems may be used.  A thorough statement describing techniques and materials is recommended.

  6. Exhibited photographs must be from original negatives or digital images processed by the artist.

  7. Be present with work for the duration of the show. Artists may not break down displays or leave prior to closing time on any day of the Festival; artists will not be allowed to return to any future FAACE shows unless proof of an emergency is provided.

  8. This is a family oriented show. The Festival Committee reserves the right to ask the artist to remove questionable work including erotic or macabre art.

  9. The festival dates are rain or shine.

  10. No “Discount” or “Sale” signage permitted.

  11. Vehicles cannot be part of the booth display.

  12. We would like to use “Images of Exhibiting Artists’ Work” on advertising, and promotional materials for this or future Magnolia Festivals. Please inform staff if you prefer your images not to be used.

  13. All sales will be handled by the exhibitor. Fayette County sales tax (7%) should be collected by the exhibitor. Sales tax forms will be included in the exhibitor packets at check in.

  14. The festival committee reserves the right to refuse exhibition of work not consistent with submitted images and/or these guidelines. The interpretation of the festival rules is solely the discretion of the Magnolia Art Festival committee.

  15. CANCELLATION POLICY: If the Magnolia Art Festival Committee is notified of cancellation by August 1st, a 100% refund of booth fee will be granted. Cancellations after August 1st will receive 50% refund only if the space is filled by a wait-listed artist. If not, fees are non-refundable. Cancellations MUST be sent via email to

  16. Food vendors need proper insurance and meet state health inspection requirements.

  17. Artists are responsible for protection of their art, materials and displays and for proper insurance. Artists will be held liable for any damage made by their tents, structures, or other properties.

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