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Artpreneur Speakers

Transform from an Artist to an Artpreneur to Celebrities

Rene Dickerson

Renowned Painter | International Artist -
Transforming from an Artist to an Artpreneur to Celebrities

Sherrilyn Kenyon

New York Times Best Selling Author
Trademark or Not, What a Writer Needs to Know?

Kim Knight

SBDC Director What the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Can Do for You!

Joyce Beverly

Former Publisher Fayette Women and founder of My Storyographer
Write an Artist Statement that Builds an Emotional Connection. Even Better Write Your Story and Inspire!

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Xavier Perry Art

Illustrator, Influencer, and Coach

Tina Lilly

Director Georgia Council of the Arts (GCA) Programs and How Artists can Utilize Them to Find Opportunities to Sell Artwork

Roger Sibaja

Creative Director, Gobi Photography Creating Professional Images that Sell on Amazon & Etsy

Kate Saville

Modern Artist A Guide to Licensing Your Art

Justin Clay

Founder of Music from the Heart Fine Arts
Music And Entrepreneurship: Creative Income Streams From Your Talent

Jason Bass

CEO, JasonHunter Design
Art as a Business: Using Creativity and Innovation to Find Your Success

Leticia Andrade

Personal Branding Photographer Finding your Worth - Dollars and Sense

Jason Muldrow

CEO Muldrow Marketing
The 10 Best SEO Tips for Your Website and Social

Opportunities and Trends in the Film Industry

Claudette Didul

Emmy Nominated Production Design and Art Direction.
Opportunities and Trends in the Film Industry

Lei Rhyne

Expressive Art Therapist
ArtWorks! Art Therapy for Personal Development & Self-Healing (Facilitator Certification)

Mike Dillard

Animated Life (Animation Technique & Demo)

Ariel Shaw

CEO Southern Crescent Women in Business
Funding Options and Resources for Women

Journey into Simple Living

Annie Singh-Quern

Author and Self-Care Coach
Journey into Simple Living

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