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Artist Market Food Vendor

Apply to be one of our Food Vendors

Thanks for Applying!

Terms & Conditions

The Fine Arts and Crafts Entrepreneurs Committee reserves the right to reject an application and return all fees.

Food Vendors must use quiet generators, electricity will not be provided.

Food Vendors must bring their own trash cans and are responsible for removing trash

Food Vendors will have permits to operate issued by the Fayetteville Fire Marshall's Office in order to operate in Fayetteville GA.
To schedule an inspection, call 770-631-2526

Cooking setups that take place under canopies or tents in Town at Trilith will comply with all applicable codes and standards in order to operate in Favetteville GA.

Any vendor not complying with the applicable codes and standards will be shut down by the Fire Marshal's Office


Application fees are non-refundable. Cancellations MUST be sent via email to

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